Website Preferences

You are able to set up your website preferences by clicking Web Preferences in the My Website section of My Plusto.

Changing your website preferences determines which features and add-ons will be available on your website, as well as the settings for each feature or add-on. The following section explains each feature in more detail. To edit your preferences select Yes or No for the features that you wish to include or exclude, and provide the information required to change the settings.

Product Preferences

Enquiry Basket – An enquiry basket allows your users to select multiple items in your catalogue, and send you an enquiry regarding all of them instead of enquiring one by one. It also allows them to quickly access the listings that they are interested in by finding them in the enquiry basket rather than browsing through categories or searching.
Product Search – Enable or disable a Product Search Box that will search your product and service database and generate a set of results by searching the Title and Description of your listings.

Product Page

These features are listed during the selling process or are set up as your preferences in My Plusto. You can decide on what features you wish to display on your website. They selected features will be displayed below the Description of the products or services on all your listing pages.

Show Payment Methods – This displays your accepted payment methods and a description of your payment policy.
Show Buyer Requirements – This displays your Buyer Requirements by Geography, and Minimum Feedback Score on Plusto.

Show Shipping Details – This displays the Shipping Details for the listing including weight, volume and more.
Show Return Policy – This displays your Return Policy, Time Limit for Returns, Restocking Fees and other details.

Show Sample Availability – This displays whether samples are available or not, the sample details, and integration with FedEx RateFinder to have the Sample shipped anywhere in the world.
Show Packaging Details – This displays the packaging details for the items.

Website Footer

Footer Menu - Select if you want the Top Menu items of your website to be duplicated in the Footer of your Website.
Enable Website Footer – Select whether you want to include or exclude a Footer to your website. The footer will be displayed on all of your website pages.

Multi-Language Support – Select whether you want your users to be able to translate your website into one of 52 languages (Powered by Google Translate).
Currency Conversion – Select whether you want to include or exclude the currency conversion tool, for users to easily and quickly convert your prices into one of Plusto’s approved currencies.

Footer Text – Insert your Footer Text, which could include Terms and Conditions, Copyright Information or a Disclaimer.
Hit Counter – Select whether you want to include a Hit Counter in the footer of your website to display how many pages of your website have been viewed since it was launched.

Google Analytics

Website Default Language – Insert the language that you will be creating your website in. This will allow Google Translate to easily translate your website into other languages, by being able to quickly recognise the default language of your website.

CargoKey Integration

CargoKey Layout – Select the layout that you would like CargoKey to be displayed in – The options are Horizontal (recommended), Vertical or Block.
Add CargoKey – Select whether or not you want to make CargoKey available on your website. CargoKey is the world’s first instant freight calculator, allowing you to ship anything, from anywhere to anywhere by sea (LCL & FCL), air, road and rail.

On CargoKey you can set up whether you want to show all freight forwarders data, only data from forwarders in a certain country, or only show specific freight forwarders data.
Public and Private Keys – You can sign up to CargoKey at Once your registration is successful, you will be given a Public and a Private Key which can be inserted here. This will ensure that the Freight Data displayed on your website is securely transmitted, and that your preferences in terms of freight forwarders used are implemented.

If you always use a single freight forwarder, they can register as a Freight Forwarder on CargoKey, and their data will then generate quotations for shipping your products worldwide. They will also then be exposing their services to global customers through Plusto and other business trading platforms, and they could also elect to have the Instant Freight Calculator on their own website. For more information please Contact CargoKey.

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